It’s About the Relationship

It’s About the Relationship

I loved working with HT partners. They approached the task of finding qualified talent with great attention to detail. They took the time to get to know us. They really got to know the ins and outs of how our department functioned and how the people in it worked together so they were able to find the right person for the department as well as the project.


It isn’t always about the tech skills and HT Partners understands that. There were times when a candidate was chosen with a weaker resume but who was a better fit within the organization. Those people often made great contributions to the team and we wouldn’t have found them if not for the groundwork HT Partners did up front.
Because they took the time to get to know our organization and the work environment they never wasted our time when presenting candidates to us. I can’t say that about other IT recruiters in Chicago.
The relationship was what was important and I always got the impression that they cared just as much about the talent as they did the client. I would recommend HT Partners to anyone who wants to staff up quickly and with quality talent.
HT Partners Saved us Time, Money and Frustration

HT Partners Saved us Time, Money and Frustration

HT Partners is highly efficient at finding the best IT talent available. I’m impressed at the amount of work they put into the process. HT Partners spent a great deal of time getting to know the team and the company so they could find the person who meshed with an already established team. That’s no easy feat and most vendors don’t do this anymore.

Because they took the time to get to know our work environment we didn’t waste time interviewing candidates who might have been qualified but who wouldn’t fit into our organization. HT Partners always seemed to find the right balance between talent and personality.

We didn’t lose time waiting for the new hire had to ramp up. The talent they brought on always had a negligible learning curve, though for others it might have taken weeks to feel comfortable. The IT talent provided by HT Partners was always highly qualified and able to jump right in and get to work.

HT Partners saved us countless hours in interviews and saved us more time after the new hire was brought on. Those are intangibles but very important to the bottom line. I highly recommend HT Partners for finding the best IT talent.

Why Horizon?



Our 18+ years of experience in IT Staffing has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the IT landscape and the fundamental skills to keep up with emerging technologies, as well as build an extensive network of top IT Talent. When a client need arises, we can quickly and effectively understand our client’s unique needs and identify the unique talent that meet those needs. Click on the video to see how we find the right IT staff for your company effectively and affordably.

An IT Recruiter That Understands Corporate Culture

An IT Recruiter That Understands Corporate Culture

HT Partners stands above the other IT recruiters for many reasons. Not only do they find the best talent available but they find it quickly and they make sure the person is a good fit within the company. I’ve worked with many different IT recruiters in the greater Chicago metro area and none of them are as efficient as HT Partners is at finding the best talent.

The people at HT Partners understand people. They understand that when you add a new person to an established team that there can be ruffled feathers. Without fail HT Partners brings in people who acclimate to our corporate culture immediately.  And if they see that that person is not a good fit they find someone who does, quickly. Not only does the talent fit they often own the project from the start. The talent that HT Partners provide are always highly skilled and extremely passionate about their job. HT Partners has a knack for understanding how people can clash or click and are able to supply us with those who click.

I’m convinced that HT Partners knows the kind of talent I need for my projects better than I do myself. Of course they do because they take the time to get to know our business and our projects. When we’re looking for talent it’s common to see someone from HT Partners on our campus several times a week as they take in the culture and figure out who would work the best. I’ve never seen any other IT recruiter do that.

I recommend Horizon Technology Partners with no reservations.

“Horizon Technology Partners Provides The Best IT Talent for My Organization”

“Horizon Technology Partners Provides The Best IT Talent for My Organization”

As someone in need of capable IT talent in the greater Chicago area I work almost exclusively with Horizon Technology Partners. When I need to fill a position in my company with talented IT people Horizon Technology is the first call I make. Horizon isn’t bringing me an individual, Horizon is listening to what I need and bringing me people based on my organizations specific needs. Horizon provides candidates with both the technical qualifications and the personality that will mesh with my company.

It’s very easy for a recruiter to supply candidates based on nothing more than a data base search but Horizon digs deeper to understand my organization and finds the right people based on that knowledge. This saves me time and money because I get the right people, turnover is low and bringing them up to speed is minimal. The IT talent that Horizon brings to the table are always a good fit.

I’ve worked with other IT recruitment firms and have found that the talent they supply is mediocre and often what seems to be just about getting a billing resource to a client. Horizon doesn’t work that way.

I’ve found that working with Horizon Technology Partners is always a learning experience. By that I mean I work with them and always learn something in the process. It’s a pleasure to work with John and Horizon Technology Partners because they are so genuinely interested in finding the best talent for my organization. They are the best at what they do which is why they are always my first call. I highly recommend HT Partners.

“Horizon is the Best IT Recruiter in Chicago”

“Horizon is the Best IT Recruiter in Chicago”

It is a pleasure doing business with HT Partners. They are by far the best IT Recruiters in the greater Chicago area. We’ve worked with many firms and none of them provide the kind of IT talent that HT Partners provide. I can’t say enough about HT Partners. They are an honorable company and that eases my mind.

I trust Horizon. I know that if I need good IT talent that HT Partners is going to be able to provide it for me. They take the time to talk to me and learn about the way I do business, then they match the candidate to my company. They aren’t basing their suggestion on a resume. In fact there have been times when the candidate they recommended had a mediocre resume at best and might have been looked over if it hadn’t been for Horizon Technology Partners. They looked beyond the resume and found one of the best IT data base architect ever. Someone I might have passed by turned out to be one of the best additions to my company.

Finding good talent is difficult but it’s easy with this IT recruiter and choosing HT Partners was one of the best decisions we ever made.