Founded in 1994, Horizon Technology Partners is a premier provider of IT talent to Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States. With over two dozen years of success in IT talent recruiting, we provide the expertise and critical judgment that ensures companies of all sizes find the right IT professional at a lower cost.

We recognize. We Understand. We distinguish. We produce. WE DELIVER! And most importantly, WE LISTEN!

Horizon takes a surgical approach to coordinating talent to client. We understand the changing trends in our industry and look deeper into the backgrounds and skills of our IT candidates to ensure they meet your short term as well as long term, company culture, and soft-skill needs.

Horizon Technology Partner’s experience in Chicagoland IT staffing has earned us an extensive network of top IT talent — when a client need arises, we quickly and effectively reach out to candidates that meet each client’s ideal candidate profile.


I work with many different IT recruitment firms and none of them provide the caliber of talent that HT Partners provides our company with on a consistent basis.

HT Partners refines their process after every interview so they can deliver a better candidate based on our needs. We work with 10 different IT talent firms and HT Partners is the best of the best. They consistently send us top talent while the other firms only send us great resumes.

Working with HT Partners was a joy. I was able to talk to them at any time and no question or concern seemed trivial to them. I truly felt like they were in my corner.

Horizon Technology Partners is genuinely interested in finding good talent for our company. It’s not about searching a data base and pushing a stack of resumes at us, they find exceptional candidates who also fit into our company’s ecosystem.

I can’t calculate how many hours HT Partners saved us by finding the right person for the project. HT Partners knew what we needed and were able to bring that person on right away. They never wasted our time.

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