Advisors who rate the highest on reliability will not just deliver their work on time and spec. Nor will they simply be consistent, even at a level of excellence. They will also be expert at a variety of small touches that are aimed at client-based familiarity. Reliability on the emotional level has a great deal to do with the client’s preferences, and not just with consistency from the service provider’s perspective.“–David H. Maister

David H. Maister was a former Harvard Business School professor, a writer, and an expert on business management practices and the management of professional service firms.  He is a co-writer of the famous book “The Trusted Advisor” which addresses the different components of trust, the process of creating trust and a series of trust tools which are referring to both the mindsets and skillsets.

What is a Trusted Advisor?

A Trusted Advisor is a provider of services and is seen by clients as an honest broker who works in the client’s best interest.

How would you know if you have found a Trusted Advisor?

Here are the common traits:

  • He is credible and shows expertise.
  • He is reliable and keeps his promise.
  • He is genuine and sincere on his intentions.
  • He can connect emotionally on a personal and business level.
  • He intends to develop a long-term relationship rather than just a short-term gain.
  • He knows how to listen and understands the client’s underlying needs and wants.


Why is it valuable to work with a Trusted Advisor?

Trusted Advisor is committed to your best interest and works to get the job done right. With a Trusted Advisor, the time and resources you have invested are protected, as you achieve your success, and a Trusted Advisor will have your back if ever the need might arise.

Furthermore, the book “The Trusted Advisor” discussed the four different types of client relationships:

Type 1: This is the beginning of the relationship where you introduce and then build your expertise.

Type 2: It is the type of relationship where the client realizes your capabilities beyond the skills you were hired to perform. The client starts to view you as a reliable source and problem solver.

Type 3: You identify client issues, put them into context and provide perspective. This type is the transition of the relationship into a Trusted Advisor of the client.

Type 4: This is the level of a Trusted Advisor where all issues such as emotional, rational, personal and professional are being discussed and explored. The client then turns to you whenever a problem arises.


Looking for someone who can be your Trusted Advisor?

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