The economy has been booming, the Dow has risen 5000 points in the last year – an unheard of record – and yet that prosperity has not trickled down to corporate employees yet.

It usually takes time for employers to pass along higher saleries. Pay raises may be elusive this year, but bonuses are expected to increase by 66% this year.

How are you rewarding your talent this year? 

At HT Partners, we’ll help you fill your elite staffing needs. We’ll do it fast and we’ll do it right the first time, but it’s your job to retain them, so what are you going to do this year to show your appreciation for your top IT talent?

End of year bonuses are a great way to show your top talent your appreciation for all they do. If you’re in a position to offer bonuses, that’s fantastic – go for it. If you aren’t, there are still some things you can do to show your gratitude for all your employees do.

Thank You – A warm and heartfelt Thank You is still an effective way to show your appreciation. Telling your employees that you’ve noticed all their hard work goes a long way to making them feel like they are appreciated and valued. It also makes them feel like part of the team.

Donating to Charity – Many employers are donating to charities in the names of their employees. As companies work to align their values with employees, they’ve found this to be an effective way to do something good and employees seem to like it.

Holiday Parties – You don’t have to throw a big shin-dig, but taking your team out for lunch is a nice way to show your appreciation and to spend time with them off site.

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