The talent war has been raging for decades with nary an end in sight. The shortage of talent can be felt by everyone and most have agreed that it negatively impacts business. While many IT positions are hard to fill, for some it seems nearly impossible to find talent to fill them.

The data below is based on an analysis from the Burning Glass database of job postings collected from over 40,000 websites, job boards, and online sources from September 2015 to August 2016.

Here, based on the aforementioned data, are the hardest to fill IT positions.

Systems Integration Engineer/Specialist

Systems integration engineers are responsible for the design, implementation, and integration of building systems solution.

Time to fill: 51 days

Data Manager

A Data Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing proper data collection policies and procedures.

Time to fill: 51 days

Embedded Software Engineer

An Embedded Software Engineer is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining a specifically designed software. Time to fill: 52 days

Cybersecurity Consultant

A Cybersecurity Consultant is an expert who helps an organization design and implement the best security solutions for their specific needs.

Time to fill: 53 days

Database Architect

The Database Architect is responsible for determining the structural requirements based on the organization, and then developing and installing solutions.

Time to fill: 54 days

Salesforce/CRM Developer

The Salesforce/CRM Developer is responsible for setting up, modifying and building database driven internet applications.

Time to fill: 54 days

Java Architect

A Java Architect helps to achieve an organizations goals by defining, integrating, and maintaining a comprehensive architecture to support Java applications.

Time to fill: 63 days

Systems Analyst

A Systems Analyst is responsible for implementing computer system requirements by defining and analyzing system problems, and then designing and testing standards and solutions.

Time to fill: 63 days

SAP Manager

The SAP Manager oversees all activities related to SAP implementation projects. They must ensure all SAP project goals are accomplished per specifications and business objectives.

Time to fill: 64 days

Technical Manager/Director

The Technical Manager/Director works with other departmental managers to ensure their team’s technological developments align with the company’s goals.

Time to fill: 107 days

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