So many things in life have become automated, – shopping, banking, eating, etc. – and most of these automated processes help to make life simpler. Recruiting is no exception to the automated revolution.

There are dozens of online job boards, job applications, and vendor management systems that many companies have tried to take advantage of. Automating the recruiting process in its ideal state would mean; being able to find your next top employee without even having to meet them in person.

However, automating the recruiting process isn’t all moonlight and roses.

Resume Overload

Posting a position online can bring in hundreds of resumes that you will have to cull through. While more resumes may seem like a positive, quantity does not necessarily equate to quality.

Unqualified Candidates

Many online job candidates will send their resumes in for positions for which they know that they are unqualified. After all, they simply need to upload a resume and possibly update their cover letter to apply for the position. This means there are far more unqualified applications in your inbox.

Less Follow Through

With so many applications to look through, responding to every single one of them can take up far too much time. However, not responding to even the highly underqualified applications, can leave some disgruntled talent who may share their distaste over social media, damaging your brand.

Overall, automating the recruiting process is intended to save time and energy, but with the overload of resumes to cull through, it can end up taking just as long as, or sometimes longer than, if you had met with your top candidates in person.

Some candidates sound great on paper, but when met in person you can can discover they may not be the best fit for your company. Coming face to face with prospective talent is an important part of the recruiting process that should not be skipped.

One of the best ways to automate the recruiting process without taking away the face to face aspect of the task, is to hire a trusted advisor to do the heavy lifting for you. At HT Partners, we’ll present you with the top talent that fits best with your organization so you can be free to do your job. Call us at 847.202.3242 to learn more.