When looking for a recruiter to help you in your search for qualified candidates it can be difficult to decide which firm to choose. The larger firms can sound appealing, as they have a greater access to potential candidates. But more doesn’t mean better.

By choosing to partner with a local agency you are securing multiple advantages over the service of a national agency.

Personalized on Demand Service – Working with a local agency vs a ‘big name’ company allows you to get the proper respect and attention you deserve. One of the first tasks a staffing firm will undertake is to visit your business in order learn about what you do, what you value, and the types of people already employed in your company. This gives them a great look into your perspective, to find candidates that will be a fit for your company not only based on skill, but based on personality as well.

Access to local candidates With the Skills You Need – When employing the use of a local agency there is no need to worry about the costs and time involved with placing an out of town candidate. The firm has access to hundreds of local job seekers. They have the ability to get to know each candidate before recommending them to your company based on the skills you need. By using local candidates you are not only supporting but also participating in your community’s growth. Not only is this good for the local economy, it’s also good for your company’s reputation.

Knowledge of Your Marketplace and Business Challenges – The job market is challenging enough without having to explain the nuances of the industries demand in your particular region. By partnering with a local firm you save yourself the time of explaining the local market, as well as saving yourself the distress if they send you someone from out of town that wasn’t prepared for your environment.

Reasonable Rates and Flexible Programs – Large firms have high overheads due to inefficencies trying to keep a large organization running with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing! Large orgnizations tend to get complacent about individual clients (unless you are one of their “larger” clients), and may leave you feeling taken for granted. You may find this reflected in the quality of their service, the caliber of their candidates, and in what they charge. However, when you hire via a local agency you can expect the attention you expect, the caliber in candidates you ask for, and fees that make sense.