It’s no secret that when a commodity is in high demand the price will go up. The IT world is no different. Progressively more methods of conducting business are becoming outdated. It’s out with the paper and in with electronic marketing. With the rising popularity of web based shopping, research and general usage it’s no surprise budgets are also rising with the new demand for IT professionals to fill in the roles.

Not only are there more positions becoming available, it’s also becoming a much more demanding job at higher levels. IT Professionals are an integral part of the company and are involved in daily decisions affecting the company. The increasing requirement for higher skill levels creates a more advanced position with higher pay.
Some of the main causes in the rise in demand for IT professionals includes the widespread move to mobile devices, an increased effort in digital marketing, and a progressively high number of companies implementing cloud computing.

Move to Mobile – Whether customers are accessing a company’s website through desktops or a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, information is nearly exclusively researched through online media. It’s undeniable that more and more people are embracing the ‘Mobile Revolution’ and making mobile the place for media consumption. Companies are now investing in technology that will make it easier for their customers to interact with their websites using a variety of devices, focusing on their websites ability to be seamlessly viewed, and interacted with, on mobile devices.

Digital Marketing – Some agencies are sticking to the ‘old ways’ of marketing, such as direct mail, radio, and billboards. However, this form of marketing alone can be seen as somewhat archaic. Currently marketing is done largely on the web and mobile applications. The reason for this new tread in marketing it simply. It’s easy, it’s more readily available to the consumer, highly immersive, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Through online marketing a business is able to create dialogue between company and customer.

A growing number of companies are realizing that digital marketing is the way to go. Successful marketing creates online or mobile experiences designed to promote their business with a customer centric approach, but does so in an unobtrusive and quick way. The best way to create this subtle marketing experience is by utilizing the efforts of an IT professional.

Cloud Computing – An increasing number of companies are realizing that cloud computing is a force to be reckoned with and that like marketing the ‘old ways’ of doing business need to change. With the high number of individuals moving to mobile comes the expectation of more mobile options such as online shopping carts and increased personalization.

Some may infer that because cloud computing is automated, jobs will be lost. However, cloud computing is not unleased in a static environment, in fact computing is highly dynamic. With the increase in cloud computing it is likely that there will be a need for more bodies to tend to the machines that are required for processes which potentially increases the number of IT jobs available.
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