When you have an IT position to fill your first response might be to hand it off to someone in HR or the in house hiring manager. Now even if your hiring manager had access to all the top talent he still might not be skilled enough to attract that talent. Does the hiring manager even have time to find the best talent?

Let’s face it, finding good IT talent isn’t an easy task. The job market may have shrunk for a lot of industries these past few years but it’s wide open in the IT world. Finding the perfect talent for your company, someone with the hard skill but also the soft skills, can be daunting and time consuming.

If you’re in need of finding great IT Talent and you don’t currently use a recruiter you’ll want to consider these benefits to using an IT staffing agency:

Saves time – Finding the right talent for a company is the only thing a recruiter does. You’re manager probably has a thousand other tasks that need to be attended to right now. Using in house hiring capabilities might mean the position sits empty for a long time and it might mean a lot of time interviewing candidates who don’t have what it takes to fill your position. A professional recruiter knows how to wade through the resumes and will only present you with qualified talent saving you time to do your job and filling the position quickly.

Access to the best talent – A recruiter spends much of his time finding talent. A professional recruiter spends just as much time getting to know the recruit as he does getting to know the company where the talent will be placed. Taking the time to get to know the candidates is a luxury that most hiring managers simply don’t have. A staffing agent, on the other hand, spends much of his time getting to know all the recruits so he can suggest the right one for each client.

Recruiters don’t lose talent – but your manager might – Staffing agencies have a large pool of talent to pull from. Qualified talent with whom they’ve built a relationship. An inexperienced manager might be able to located the talent but he may not be able to keep him and hire him.

Hiring is a science – A talented manager might understand the kind of personality needed to fit into the work environment or he might just find the person with the right set of skills or he might just find a warm body. A professional staffing agency is going to find the person with the right skills for your company. Using a professional IT recruiter will ensure a good fit.

The recruiter is selling your company – The IT talent pool is tight and the top talent has many choices. When you hire a recruiter you’re hiring someone to sell the merits of your company. An IT hiring manager will certainly understand the benefits but he may be taxed to sell them.

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