HT Partners is highly efficient at finding the best IT talent available. I’m impressed at the amount of work they put into the process. HT Partners spent a great deal of time getting to know the team and the company so they could find the person who meshed with an already established team. That’s no easy feat and most vendors don’t do this anymore.

Because they took the time to get to know our work environment we didn’t waste time interviewing candidates who might have been qualified but who wouldn’t fit into our organization. HT Partners always seemed to find the right balance between talent and personality.

We didn’t lose time waiting for the new hire had to ramp up. The talent they brought on always had a negligible learning curve, though for others it might have taken weeks to feel comfortable. The IT talent provided by HT Partners was always highly qualified and able to jump right in and get to work.

HT Partners saved us countless hours in interviews and saved us more time after the new hire was brought on. Those are intangibles but very important to the bottom line. I highly recommend HT Partners for finding the best IT talent.