HT Partners stands above the other IT recruiters for many reasons. Not only do they find the best talent available but they find it quickly and they make sure the person is a good fit within the company. I’ve worked with many different IT recruiters in the greater Chicago metro area and none of them are as efficient as HT Partners is at finding the best talent.

The people at HT Partners understand people. They understand that when you add a new person to an established team that there can be ruffled feathers. Without fail HT Partners brings in people who acclimate to our corporate culture immediately.  And if they see that that person is not a good fit they find someone who does, quickly. Not only does the talent fit they often own the project from the start. The talent that HT Partners provide are always highly skilled and extremely passionate about their job. HT Partners has a knack for understanding how people can clash or click and are able to supply us with those who click.

I’m convinced that HT Partners knows the kind of talent I need for my projects better than I do myself. Of course they do because they take the time to get to know our business and our projects. When we’re looking for talent it’s common to see someone from HT Partners on our campus several times a week as they take in the culture and figure out who would work the best. I’ve never seen any other IT recruiter do that.

I recommend Horizon Technology Partners with no reservations.