As someone in need of capable IT talent in the greater Chicago area I work almost exclusively with Horizon Technology Partners. When I need to fill a position in my company with talented IT people Horizon Technology is the first call I make. Horizon isn’t bringing me an individual, Horizon is listening to what I need and bringing me people based on my organizations specific needs. Horizon provides candidates with both the technical qualifications and the personality that will mesh with my company.

It’s very easy for a recruiter to supply candidates based on nothing more than a data base search but Horizon digs deeper to understand my organization and finds the right people based on that knowledge. This saves me time and money because I get the right people, turnover is low and bringing them up to speed is minimal. The IT talent that Horizon brings to the table are always a good fit.

I’ve worked with other IT recruitment firms and have found that the talent they supply is mediocre and often what seems to be just about getting a billing resource to a client. Horizon doesn’t work that way.

I’ve found that working with Horizon Technology Partners is always a learning experience. By that I mean I work with them and always learn something in the process. It’s a pleasure to work with John and Horizon Technology Partners because they are so genuinely interested in finding the best talent for my organization. They are the best at what they do which is why they are always my first call. I highly recommend HT Partners.