Working with HT Partners was a wonderful experience. John Sule is great to work with and makes the process of finding the right IT talent far less painful than other IT recruiters. I know if I hire HT Partners that I don’t have to worry about the task anymore. I can talk to John and let them know what kind of talent I need. After each interview they adjusted their process based on conversations with me about the candidate.

I may not have known at the outset what kind of engineer I was looking for but by the end of the process I knew exactly the kind of person my team needed and HT Partners was able to find them.

Not only do they consistently find the the best IT Talent available but they also find talent that fits into our organization. We don’t have personality clashes and the apple cart never gets disrupted when we hire people recommended by HT Partners. The learning curve of hiring a new candidate is almost eliminated because of the drilled down process HT Partners employs.

Some of my best and most talented people have been HT Partners candidates. One person they referred to me has taught me something new every single day. His skills, knowledge and expertise are unmatched and he is a wonderful addition to our company.

They have the search for the best and brightest talent down to an artwork. I highly recommend HT Partners.

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