I work with many different IT recruitment firms and none of them provide the caliber of talent that HT Partners provides our company with on a consistent basis. Their candidates are 9.5 out of 10 while many of the other firm’s talent rates not even a 3. In fact we’ve gotten many candidates who were 0 from other IT Recruitment firms in Chicago.

The reason HT Partners is able to find such great IT talent is because they really drilled down to find out what kind of talent we needed. After each interview with the candidate HT Partners would question us to make sure we were satisfied. If we weren’t they revised their criteria and found a better candidate. After working with them to discover what we were looking for in IT talent we didn’t need to worry about it anymore. HT Partners took over the process leaving us to concentrate on our business.

What was once a huge a headache is now a pleasure because I know we’re going to get the best IT talent available.