We help our clients to think “outside the box” and to implement breakthrough business models that can evolve in response to shifting market conditions. At every phase, we consider the strategic, creative, and technical aspects of the business. Each of our projects include the disciplines of project management, methodology, standards definition, systems analysis, design and development to the extent required by the assignment. Where appropriate, we provide the training and technical support to make sure our clients receive full value for the work we have performed.

At Horizon Technology Partners, we understand that today’s users of information technology are increasingly sophisticated and demanding. They know that the effective use of technology, coupled with the change in how they do business, ultimately determines personal and organizational success. Our staff consists of experienced professionals, each with a combination of technical, management and interpersonal skills necessary to work success fully with our clients. We also offer services to enable the ongoing success of your business, including infrastructure support and technology solutions for applications management and maintenance.