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We focus on providing Elite Talent, team members you will look back on as the individuals who made a difference in your organization!
(said by MANY clients.)

“Building Talented Teams Where Talent Matters!”



Premier provider of
IT talent with over
two decades of success
to Fortune 1000 companies.



I work with many different IT recruitment firms and none of them provide the caliber of talent that HT Partners provides our company with on a consistent basis.

HT Partners refines their process after every interview so they can deliver a better candidate based on our needs. We work with 10 different IT talent firms and HT Partners is the best of the best. They consistently send us top talent while the other firms only send us great resumes.

Working with HT Partners was a joy. I was able to talk to them at any time and no question or concern seemed trivial to them. I truly felt like they were in my corner.

Horizon Technology Partners is genuinely interested in finding good talent for our company. It’s not about searching a data base and pushing a stack of resumes at us, they find exceptional candidates who also fit into our company’s ecosystem.

I can’t calculate how many hours HT Partners saved us by finding the right person for the project. HT Partners knew what we needed and were able to bring that person on right away. They never wasted our time.

Horizon Technology Partners has a rigorous selection process. Not only they are trying to select based on IT skills and technical skills, but they are also looking at people skills to make sure the person seats the team.


Manager of a Database Architecture Team

HT Partners is committed to finding the right professionals who are always willing to render their best efforts and go the extra mile. They are always looking for a good match between a resource and a client


Director of a Major Financial Institution

HT Partners supplies people who are so passionate at their jobs, and made them qualified team members, good team-oriented personnel, and they spoke well. I can’t think of anyone that I did not like that HT Partners brought forward, and they were fantastic.


Software Development Manager

HT Partners get the job done right the first time, and it saves you time. You don’t have time to go through the process of finding new people on a constant basis, so that’s the primary reason why I stayed in contact with John.


Director of E-Commerce Technology

I’ve never had any issues with the talent Horizon provided.

HT Partners has a knack at honing in on what I am really looking for and delivering.


(A demanding client of over a dozen years)

John is an exceptionally experienced and honorable individual in his line of work.
He is genuinely capable of finding truly good resources for people’s technology needs.


Chief Technology Officer

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